I’m angry (a rant)

Note, this contains: anger, talking about covid-19, hand washing imagery, talking about death, and swearing without some of the letters.

I’m angry that my friends don’t check in with me as often as they did when I saw them at school. I’m angry at one friend in particular for, not once but twice, not offering any sympathy or “I hope you feel better” or “what’s wrong” or “<3” when I said I wasn’t doing well.

I’m angry at the internet and how lots of people are talking about what other people “should” do. You don’t know someone’s situation. You don’t know where that person lives, what that person does, how that person’s doing. I know that the quarantine works best if the most people follow it, and I am following it in the ways I can and I hope others (in the US, at least) follow what the CDC says… but… the messaging to stay home comes from everywhere. I can’t attempt to peacefully distract myself by watching youtube without being bombarded by ads telling me to stay home and popups reminding me that COVID-19 exists. Every email I get ends with reminders to stay home and wash your hands. One email I got requested that everyone “wash [their] hands til they chafe.” I personally do have painful, red skin on my hands most of the time (past year or so, pre-corona) that worsens when I wash my hands a lot or for longer times. I do not want to make my skin itch and peel. That is an awful thing to ask people to do.

Plus, not everyone can stay home. Some people don’t have homes. Some people need to work. People need to get groceries. People need to go to the emergency room for many reasons and pick up medicine at the pharmacy.

Then there’s the other advice that literally everyone seems to be giving to others, like to keep to a schedule, to try Yoga with Adriene on youtube, to watch Tiger King on Netflix, to pick up food for your neighbors, to make a homemade mask. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been spending more time on the internet recently since other forms of interaction have disappeared, and maybe I happen to follow things/people on the internet that share similar views (not intentionally), but it seems to me like everyone is spewing the same things.

I get that people are trying to help each other, and that’s very nice, but people are not the same!!! Personally, trying to keep to a (timed) schedule makes things worse for me, and has for many years. I’m at just as much of a health risk as my neighbors are. Plus I don’t know my neighbors. Personally, I’m not interacting with anyone that’s not in my family, so I don’t need a mask (at least for now). (though I might try making some for others, once I get my own life together) And I don’t have f-ing netflix. (and probably wouldn’t like the show anyway)

People are not the same! There were SO many different people on this planet, living different lives, doing different things, in different places, before covid-19, and guess what, those differences haven’t evaporated. People’s experiences are not the same.

I am still a full-time student. I do not have more free time than I did before!

Personally, I’m struggling. But I was struggling before all this. My struggles haven’t changed a ton. I still have nightmares, I still procrastinate my schoolwork and then get mad at myself, I’m still insecure in my friendships, I still don’t always get along with my family, I still struggle with eating, I still have physical health challenges that I worry about a lot.

Another thing I’m mad about is how people weren’t there for me when I was struggling my most. This is not the worst time in my life. Other times have been much worse. I have seen people expressing things about this situation that I felt so strongly during other traumatic times in my life and that were invalidated by those around me. I did not receive the amount of support or recognition or validation that people now are receiving.

I think that part of the reason I’m not that worried about people close to me dying is that they’ve literally all already died. All my grandparents are dead. The entire older generation in my family is gone. They died last January (my grandmother and my great-uncle. my uncle also died last January, though he was in his 50s.). The oldest person in my living extended family is 59. I’ve already suffered through and mostly gotten over those losses. And now I’m expected to be patient and validating with everyone else the way they weren’t patient and validating with me.

Last year, I had to email my advisor a picture of my grandmother’s obituary to prove that she had died, because I couldn’t get extensions on assignments or excused absences without it. Because it was the policy that she couldn’t just take my word for it. She couldn’t trust that I was telling the truth when I said that my grandmother died. She needed her f-ing obituary. And now, classes are pass/fail at my school. Teachers are sympathetic and very willing to grant extensions with zero proof or even explanation. I appreciate that they’re doing this, but at the same time it seems so unfair that even though I was struggling more in the past, it was harder to get help. Where was all this when I needed it?!

I’ve also struggled with being at home, on winter breaks and summer breaks, for years (due to being around my family, lack of privacy, lack of control, feeling trapped, trauma anniversaries, not having motivation, etc.). I have expressed this many times to many people (friends, teachers, advisors) over the course of years, but this is the first time I’ve been taken seriously. This is the first time people have agreed with me.

Now everyone seems to not have motivation. I’ve had to deal with this for years (hello, depression), but now everyone else gets the sympathy and support.

Honestly, I’m writing all this while angry, and I’m aware that it’s not exactly how I truly feel. I feel badly for my friends who are struggling. I care about them and want to help. I’m sad about the state of the world, and it alarms me how many people I see struggling who weren’t struggling before. I’m glad people are supporting each other and being kind.

I think probably another reason why this situation angers me is that I beat myself up for so long and invalidated myself for feeling the way I did while everyone else seemed to be fine. And now it turns out that it’s not that they had skills that I didn’t have; they just didn’t have struggles. I’m doing better than some of them now because I do have lots of really healthy, effective, coping skills that work for me. Other people were fine before because they hadn’t been challenged, not because they knew some secret I didn’t, were magically born better, were stronger, smarter, more assertive, or more resilient.

In my lab group last semester, I constantly compared myself to other members of my group. I didn’t think I was doing as much work as them or contributing as much. I saw myself as the mentally ill one that they had to support. Well guess what’s happening now. I’m the only one that still cares about lab reports in my group. I’m the only one that knows from experience that we have to work on it before the day it’s due, even though we don’t have motivation to. I’m the one being responsible and reminding people of deadlines and creating google docs and submitting reports and doing the calculations. Because I have the skills to deal with lack of motivation and being at home and lack of structure and still get on with my life. I’ve dealt with this before. They were only able to do more work than me in the past because they weren’t struggling. They weren’t trying harder than me; they were just lucky.

And again, the non-angry, wise mind part of me would like to clarify that there’s nothing wrong with being lucky. There’s nothing wrong with not having struggled or developed ways to get through tough situations. I’m glad that most of my classmates and friends have gotten to be 19/20/21/22 years old without experiencing life-changing trauma and without needing skills to deal with distress and to keep yourself going when you don’t want to. There’s always time to learn and develop skills or whatever is needed now to get through this.

And I know that people can struggle now even if they’ve been through bad stuff before, too. I know I’m struggling. There are days I’m not motivated either (or experiencing other bad things). There’s also nothing wrong with having gone through bad stuff and not developed good skills for dealing with it yet. Again, there’s always time.

I’m sorry if I offended or hurt anyone in my anger or by things I implied. Please let me know and I’ll try to make it up to you. It was not my intention.

Writing this helped me get some things off my chest and feel better. 🙂 And made me feel more valid, I guess. It’s valid to be angry when I see people getting support that I didn’t get in the same situations because that’s not fair, and I was missing out on stuff that would’ve helped.

13 thoughts on “I’m angry (a rant)”

  1. **NODS**. Yup, I’ve blamed myself a lot too when it’s actually people _just not having the same struggles, by farrrrrr_… I’m glad you’re expressing that anger. Your emotions are valid. It shouldn’t take a global pandemic and collective trauma for people to start realising how it’s REALLY like to have mental health issues.

    “wash [their] hands til they chafe.” << Oh wtf, this is so infuriating. People with anxiety and OCD etc already struggle enough! And chafed hands are NOT GOOD. It sounds son hard to be a student right now, my heart goes out to you and other friends who have to study or work. It's awful – the ableism some people display. Your advisor is awful. I had a similar experience where a lecturer demanded the death certificate of my uncle because she refused to believe he died two weeks after my grandfather died!

    You deserve to have support when you were struggling, both in the past and now ❤

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    1. Thank you. Yes. It’s really too bad that people are only realizing these things now, but hopefully that means things will be better in the future…
      And I’m sorry you’ve blamed yourself too 😦 ❤ It seems easy to do, though, when you don't have any other explanation for why you're struggling and they're not.

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  2. I’m glad you were able to get this out. There is such a bombardment right now of messages around the pandemic, with all kinds of shoulds and misinformation (like the chafing!?!?!).

    And that just plain sucks that your friend couldn’t come up with any kind of supportive response when you said you weren’t doing well. You definitely deserve better than that.

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    1. Thank you ❤ It's true, there are so many messages. Bombardment is a good word.

      Yeah. I talked to her later on FaceTime, and she was much more supportive then. I talked to my therapist about it and have come to the conclusion that this friend just tends to not be very supportive over text. So if I want support from her, it's better to talk to her.

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  3. “This is not the worst time in my life. Other times have been much worse. I have seen people expressing things about this situation that I felt so strongly during other traumatic times in my life and that were invalidated by those around me. I did not receive the amount of support or recognition or validation that people now are receiving.”

    This resonates. Majorly. Maybe the world, including our spheres/communities, will have deeper compassion once they return to their prior baseline.

    You are proving that practicing skills can change habits ❤️💕

    No judgment that you vented. Only love, acceptance, and compassion. You have our support.

    Are you doing art?

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    1. Yes, I’m hoping that some things will change for the better and that people will be more understanding in the future.

      Thank you so much for you support and acceptance ❤ and for saying that I'm proving that practicing skills can change habits — it means a lot that someone else can see that!

      I have done some drawing to help me process things because sometimes it helps me to put things together spatially (if that makes sense?), but other than that, not really. I really like arts and crafts stuff so I want to get back into that. Also spring is beautiful here, so maybe I'll do something spring-related. 🙂 What about you?

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  4. We do see your practice. We wish fruit from your seeds, literal and figurative.

    We colored a Crow nesting in a precarious and deliberate spot out on a shrub clinging to a cliff. It is very colorful. In bubble letters we colored, “Be intentional.” Not very artistically skilled. Still satisfying.
    We want to take our time and be gentler. Today, that practice is challenging. We seem to be the family’s tech support. And they need support lol. We are crazy and they want a smooth wifi connection. It’s bizarre. We are that crow

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    1. Aww, thank you 🙂 The crow on the cliff sounds like a powerful image! You are hanging on and being intentional!!
      Haha good luck with being the tech support! It seems like internet is more valuable now because so many other things are temporarily unavailable.

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