Coping Skills

Drawing: The Coping Skill of the Week

This week, I have done a lot of drawing. I’ve known for a while that drawing helps me calm down and be a little peaceful and happy. Drawing while watching TV on my computer is my go-to self care, both when I’ve just had a long day and want to relax and when I’m having more intense feelings.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and one of the things I’ve tried to help myself fall asleep more easily is having a routine before I go to bed. I’m still working on it, but it’s currently something like: take melatonin, DRAW, brush teeth, go to the bathroom, put on pajamas, go to bed listening to music, read something, turn off lights, stop music, go to sleep.

Drawing at night has been really helping me! It’s very relaxing, and it gets my mind thinking of good things before I go to sleep, so I’m less anxious and maybe have fewer nightmares.

This is me melting into a field of flowers.




The sun will come out tomorrow


This is based on a nightmare I had. In the alternate ending I made up, the train doesn’t fall off the broken bridge. A bunch of balloons come out and lift it across the rest of the chasm as if the bridge were still there. This was a comforting image to go to sleep to.


It is possible for you to be OKAY. 🙂


I went outside shortly after sunset and saw all these fireflies in the backyard. It was beautiful and magical.

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